2024 Top Commercial Office Furniture Brands: A Guide for Buyers

In this fast-evolving business environment, the demand and importance of quality office furniture is becoming increasingly evident. As a driver of productivity and wellness, the right office furniture also reflects an organization’s ethos and identity. This article aims to guide potential buyers and stakeholders in making informed decisions about their office furniture, shedding light on industry-leading brands whose innovation, sustainability, and design prowess have transformed workspaces globally.


Founded in 1912, Steelcase is a frontrunner in the office furniture industry, revered for its constant innovation and design excellence. Notable products like the Leap chair, Think chair, and the Gesture chair were born out of meticulous research into human behavior and work patterns. Steelcase has a distinct focus on creating products that are human-centered and designed to boost productivity and well-being. This is demonstrated in their innovative use of technology and ergonomics, which sets them apart in the industry.

Meet&Co Office Furniture

meetco office furniture

Born in Guangzhou in 2011, Meet&Co Office Furniture is a dynamic and fast-growing brand dominating the Chinese Office Furniture scene. It boasts a vast range of products including executive desks, workstations, chairs, and sofas. Meet&Co’s unique selling points lie in its ability to marry functionality with design, and quality with affordability. The brand’s commitment to creating healthy and happy workspaces is palpable in their designs. It views furniture not just as a standalone piece, but as an essential part of an organization’s strategy – a philosophy that has won it robust popularity. With a customer-first approach, a strong dedication to integrity and teamwork, and an ambition for Win-win situations, Meet&Co Office Furniture is reshaping the perception and experience of office furniture. (Meet&Co Office furniture website)

Herman Miller

Herman Miller, a revered brand in the office furniture industry, was established over a century ago and is renowned for its innovative and ergonomically-designed products. The brand’s design philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that design is about solving problems, and its mission reflects that sentiment – “Inspiring designs to help people do great things.” Their cutting-edge designs, such as the Aeron and Eames office chairs, have revolutionized the market and set standards for ergonomic office furniture. What makes Herman Miller a favorite among buyers is not only their high-quality, aesthetically pleasing furniture but also their commitment to sustainability and their dedication to creating a better world.


Knoll is a renowned name in the world of contemporary office design. Established in 1938, the brand has a long-standing commitment to innovative and distinctive designs (“About Knoll,” n.d.). They have a rich history of association with pioneering designers and architects, leading to the creation of iconic products that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior. The Knoll portfolio boasts a range of products, from ergonomic desk chairs to collaborative workstations, all reflecting a blend of craft and technology. A key differentiator for Knoll is their philosophy of “Modern Always,” which signifies their timeless approach to design solutions. The brand’s market positioning is as a premium provider of office furniture solutions, catering to clients who value design excellence and high quality.


Haworth is a global leader in the design and manufacture of office furniture and organic workspaces, including raised access floors, movable walls, systems furniture, seating, storage, and wood casegoods. Founded in 1948, the family-owned business focuses on crafting value and transforming spaces into high-performing environments (“Haworth History,” n.d.). Their wide product range, designed around users’ needs and well-being, caters to various styles and preferences. Haworth’s cutting-edge solutions, backed by research and foresight, have allowed them to stand out in a competitive market. Their commitment to sustainability and the environment, along with their customer-centric approach, has made them a preferred choice among customers.

HNI Corporation

HNI Corporation is a leading provider of office furniture and hearth products. They operate through a family of distinguished brands, each catering to specific needs within the office environment (“Our Brands | HNI,” n.d.). Known for their durability and quality, HNI Corporation’s products set benchmarks in design, technology, and performance. The corporation’s success lies in their comprehensive product portfolio and commitment to client satisfaction. Their products range from traditional to modern designs, providing end-to-end solutions for diverse office needs. With a reputation for reliability, HNI Corporation is a trusted name in the office furniture industry.


Teknion, based in Canada, has made significant strides in the global office furniture industry. With a focus on design, Teknion offers a diverse portfolio of award-winning office systems, mobile furniture, architectural wall systems, seating, storage, and ergonomic accessories (“About Teknion,” n.d.). Their design-forward products, crafted with the user in mind, echo the brand’s commitment to enriching the workplace. Teknion’s commitment to sustainability is apparent in their manufacturing processes, which minimize environmental impact and promote healthy work environments. This sustainable approach, coupled with their innovative design thinking, has amplified Teknion’s global impact and made them a brand of choice in the industry.


Humanscale, established in 1983, is another key player in the office furniture industry, known for its focus on ergonomic design. Their philosophy of “less is more” has led to innovative, minimalist designs that promote comfort and health. Humanscale’s award-winning designs, including the Freedom and Liberty office chairs, have won them numerous accolades and have helped them exert a significant influence on the industry. Their commitment to sustainability and ergonomics has not only set them apart from competitors but has set a new paradigm for how office furniture can support health and productivity.

KI (Krueger International)

With a history dating back to 1941, KI, also known as Krueger International, is a brand that prides itself on a customer-centric approach and a wide range of products. KI believes in listening to customers’ needs and delivering solutions that meet those needs. Their diverse offerings, from seating and desks to movable walls, cater to a variety of industries such as education, healthcare, and government. With a strong presence in the global market, KI continues to provide high-quality products and service, making them a trusted choice for many.

Global Furniture Group

Global Furniture Group, with over 50 years of experience, is a brand known for its adaptability and diverse offerings. As their name suggests, they have a global presence and cater to a wide audience, from small businesses to large corporations. They pride themselves on delivering quality, cost-effective furniture solutions that meet the changing needs of the workspace. Whether it’s modular workstations or comfortable seating solutions, Global Furniture Group has an extensive range to cater to various requirements. Their adaptability, diverse offerings, and commitment to sustainability make them a strong competitor in the office furniture industry.

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