Choosing a Coffee Table With Storage

When choosing a coffee table with storage, consider what kind of space you need. Open shelving is a great option for displaying decorative objects or picture frames while drawers and hidden interior pockets are ideal for tucking away remote controls, books and toys.

Shape is also important to consider. Round or oval tables without sharp corners are great if you have kids around since they’re safer to use.

coffee table with storage
coffee table with storage

1. Functionality

Whether you need to stow away the remote control after binging a few episodes of your favorite show or keep toys out of sight until guests arrive, a coffee table with hidden storage is a smart choice. These sleek designs make it easy to conceal clutter while adding style and functionality to your living space.

There are so many options when it comes to a coffee table with storage, from extra shelves and tiers to built-in drawers. Open shelving lets you showcase vases, picture frames and other knick-knacks, while concealed drawers are ideal for keeping clutter-prone items like coasters, remote controls and books out of sight. Some tables even feature a pop-up top that can double as a desk surface for working from the couch.

A trunk style is a great option if you have bulkier items to stash, such as blankets and spare pillows. The slender silhouette of this table looks effortlessly modern in any setting, while the spacious interior can accommodate bulky accessories without taking up too much floor space.

Alternatively, you could also try a shadow box coffee table. This head-turning design is reminiscent of an art museum case and offers plenty of storage for easy-to-misplace items. This piece is crafted from mango wood with one-of-a-kind grain details and a rich finish that can blend seamlessly into traditional, transitional or contemporary decor.

Lastly, you can choose a reversible storage coffee table that has a shelf on both sides for added versatility. The two-tier design of this coffee table is perfect for storing pillows and books, while the bottom shelf is a great spot for stowing baskets, throws and holiday decorations. This table also features a flip-top lid that doubles as an elevated laptop desk.

2. Design

In addition to delivering practical functionality, a coffee table with storage also adds a pop of visual interest to your living room. From the tried-and-true (mid-century design, for example, is here to stay) to the unexpected (think a table that seems to float on air), there’s something for every style and budget.

You can choose between open shelving and hidden drawers for convenient storage. Shelving allows you to keep books, blankets and toys on hand without taking up valuable table space, while built-in drawers are ideal for tucking away remotes, coasters and other small items. Look for storage coffee tables with drawers that close softly to avoid loud, slamming noises.

For a sophisticated look, consider a table with a sliding top surface that doubles as a desk. This style delivers a smoother, streamlined aesthetic that complements your modern furniture while eliminating the need for an additional storage piece. This smart design from RC Willey has an easy-to-lift top surface that folds back to reveal a spacious desk area.

You might also opt for a coffee table with drawers that aren’t visible from the front, giving it a sleeker, more minimal look. This table from RC Willey is perfect for a modern or minimalist design and offers plenty of storage in its base to hold blankets, magazines and other items.

For a touch of textural contrast in your home, opt for a coffee table with woven drawers. This style from West Elm blends rustic charm with contemporary appeal and features a kiln-dried acacia wood construction. Plus, the woven drawer fronts are easy to clean and perfect for holding extra throws or a collection of trays.

3. Material

The right coffee table should play a central role in your living space design, supporting your seating arrangement and serving up a stylish display for your favorite accents. Whether you opt for open shelving or built-in drawers, our collection offers a variety of smart storage options to help ground your seating area.

Open shelves offer plenty of room for styling everything from glossy hardcover books to decorative trays and flower vases. If you’re looking for something a little more organized, try our versatile Palmer storage coffee table. This minimalist design pairs sturdy wooden legs with a swivel top that reveals hidden storage compartments. Or, choose the more traditional look of this ship’s wheel coffee table, which balances shape, color and function with a curved frame and decorated mirror top.

Drawer-style coffee tables like our Yvette model offer the perfect spot to stash remote controls, coasters and other small objects. Or, take your pick of classy designs like this Modrest coffee table that looks like a solid table from the front but opens up to reveal a series of small storage compartments reminiscent of pizza boxes.

Wood is a classic material for coffee tables and it can also be a great way to bring in natural texture. Our Jaxpety wood coffee table is designed to be simple with a clean silhouette that can easily adapt to your home’s color scheme and style. You can also go for a more contemporary look with this metal coffee table, which balances an airy iron base with solid wood drawers. This table is coated in an oil-based matte finish that highlights its gorgeous wood grain, knots and all. Another option is this beautiful acacia-wood table that’s actually a nested set of four blocks. Its swivel top opens to reveal concealed storage and then resumes its block shape when closed.

4. Size

Look closer at this coffee table and you may find that it’s actually hiding a number of storage compartments. The top appears solid but opens up at a different angle on each side to reveal thin compartments perfect for holding magazines or remote controls. This modern, angular table is available in black/bronze or gold and looks sophisticated with its symmetrical lines and sleek surfaces.

The simple, square design of this wood coffee table with hidden drawers is perfect for casual living rooms and works well in both traditional and contemporary homes. It also looks great in a range of color palettes and can be styled with a variety of home accessories, from books to planters and vases.

For a more elegant option, consider this glass and metal coffee table with a unique shape that adds dimension to the space. Its zig-zag shape on either end draws the eye in and the glass surfaces contrast with the sleek, linear metal base for a clean look that’s also stylish and functional.

This modern farmhouse-style coffee table is a customer favorite with a pop-up top that opens to reveal an internal storage nook and additional shelving. It’s a fresh take on farmhouse style that’s also ideal for casual living rooms thanks to its relaxed, oversized proportions and simple finish.

Choosing the wrong size coffee table for your space can create an eyesore or obstruct easy movement in your room. The right table should be roughly two-thirds of the length of your sofa and shouldn’t obstruct the view of other seating areas in the room. The height of the coffee table is also important, as you don’t want it to be too high or too low in relation to the sofa. The ideal height is a few inches lower than the top of the sofa cushions.

5. Style

For an eye-catching style that’s both functional and fashion-forward, opt for a convertible coffee table with hidden storage. Its top is divided into two sections that you can lift to obtain an elevated surface just right for surfing the web, solving crossword puzzles or eating. This versatile piece also has lower shelves that you can use to stow blankets or floor cushions when company’s over.

You can find coffee tables with built-in storage that hides drawers or trunk-style compartments, as well. Many of these models feature soft-close hinges to prevent daily wear and tear from slamming into tile or hardwood floors, and they’re often designed for portability on wheels or casters to make them easier to move. Trunk-style storage is perfect for bulkier items that you don’t need as frequently, such as extra pillows or blankets.

The most important thing to remember when selecting a coffee table with storage is that the design should complement your living room’s overall aesthetic. Look for a model that matches the color or finish of your other furniture pieces, or choose a neutral shade that’s easy to style with a range of decorative accessories.

A minimalist-style coffee table with hidden storage will pair well with contemporary rooms, while a rustic wood one is ideal for traditional layouts. This piece from Modrest is an example of a simple-looking coffee table that balances curves and straight lines with a unique design and sleek lines. Its top is made from smooth Carrara marble, and the base features wide planks of solid American ash to give it a clean Scandinavian vibe that still feels warm. Its flat surface makes a striking display for impeccably curated coffee table books and other objets d’art, while its lower shelf is perfect for stashing baskets filled with extra throws and pillows.

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