Choosing a Cubicle Desk For Office

If you’re looking to add some privacy to your office space, a cubicle desk for office is the right choice. Cubicles come in many sizes and designs to meet the needs of your team.

The traditional straight run layout is the most common, and it’s a good option for smaller work areas. However, if you’re seeking something that looks more trendy and stylish, there are plenty of options to consider.

cubicle desk for office
cubicle desk for office


When a worker sits at their cubicle desk, they typically have plenty of space for their work equipment. This includes an office chair, computer monitor and keyboard on the work surface, plus a desk phone. They also have the option of using a desktop hutch for storage, which allows them to keep their work organized and accessible. They can also add accessories like a plant, wall art or even mirrors to give their workspace an extra personal touch.

Bern Boys has a variety of office furniture to help you create a workspace with the right amount of workspace for your team’s needs. We offer standard cubicles, mid-height cubicles and low-wall workstations that stand at 39”, 47” or 53” high to ensure your teams have the privacy they need without being isolated from one another. Our tall office cubicles provide the type of workstation separation that the CDC recommends during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We can also help you determine the best type of workspace for your team based on the types of work they do. For example, customer service representatives may need a private work area where they can focus on the sound quality of calls with clients. Account managers that deal with complex issues might benefit from a private cubicle or office workstation, as might social workers who handle a lot of paperwork and meet with clients.

If you are considering changing your workplace’s open floor plan to incorporate cubicles, our experts are happy to assist with complimentary space planning services. We can help you turn your large open area into a productive and efficient workspace that meets the needs of your team and your business.


Cubicles often come equipped with storage options, like drawers and cabinets for keeping desk supplies in. They may also be equipped with mobile pedestals that double as seating and offer easy access to files and binders. These features are a great way to keep your workspace organized and efficient. They also help minimize distractions and stress levels by making it easy to find what you need without wading through a mess of paper.

Depending on your office space, you may also want to consider other cubicle accessories such as shelves. These can be freestanding or those designed to hang on your cubicle wall and can provide an extra place for storing books, pen pots and other items. Shelves are also a good way to get clutter off of your desk, helping you create a cleaner and more organized workspace.

Another popular cubicle accessory is a file management tile. These can be placed in place of a regular tile and house different paper management additions, such as a file divider, to allow quick access to folders and documents. They can also be used to hold a monitor arm or CPU holder, which saves desktop space and provides flexibility for computer ergonomics.

Finally, many office employees enjoy the ability to personalize their cubicles with items such as posters, calendars, photos and memorabilia. This helps them feel more connected to the company culture and can make a more comfortable work environment. Cubicles can also be customized with lighting, which can help reduce glare on your computer screen and improve visibility. It can also be helpful to have a couple of tools on hand, such as a vacuum cleaner, a dust cloth and a cord organizer to keep your work area clean.


Choosing the right cubicle workstations is an important decision that requires an eye for detail to ensure they are properly sized, installed and functioning. This is where the expertise of an experienced office furniture designer becomes vital.

Depending on the type of work your employees do, different types of cubicles offer differing levels of privacy. For instance, departments that rely heavily on telephone or face-to-face communication will need sound-sensitive workstations to help prevent distractions. These might include human resources or financial services. These work areas are typically high-panel cubicles with doors to ensure privacy and acoustic control.

In contrast, highly active call center environments need agility and a small footprint. These may include short walls and glass panels to add transparency. These work areas typically accommodate one employee and don’t have much space for personal flair.

Cubicles can be customized with a variety of accessories to create the right workspace for your team. These can include overhead bins, shelving and other storage solutions to keep workspaces organized and tidy. Additionally, a sit-stand base allows users to adjust the height of their desks to fit their needs. This increases ergonomic comfort and improves productivity.

It’s also important to look at the storage capacity of cubicles before making a purchase. Some models provide minimal storage, while others have ample space for a desk and additional shelving or bins. The amount of storage your employees need will have a direct impact on their ability to work efficiently and effectively.

Whether you need office cubicles, partitions or team desks, our dedicated Sunline Cubicle rep can curate a free floor plan design to ensure that your workspace is set up for success. This way, your employees can maximize their new cubicles and begin collaborating to the best of their abilities.


Having the option to shut doors and block out distractions allows employees to work at their highest levels of productivity. Whether they are working with confidential data or conducting client calls, this privacy can make a big difference. Having this space for themselves also allows employees to relax and think creatively, possibly coming up with novel approaches or solutions.

Cubicles are a cost-effective way to create private workspaces within a larger open office environment. They provide a division between workers, lending visual and acoustic privacy, while also serving as meeting areas, lounge/waiting spaces or presentation rooms.

With a variety of color and style options to choose from, an office cubicle can be customized with different features to suit the individual needs of each employee. Personalization options can include the addition of posters, family pictures, calendars and other memorabilia that can help to keep workers focused and productive throughout the day.

The panels on a cubicle can be frosted or clear to match the aesthetic of the workspace. In addition to this, the panel height can be adjusted to suit different user needs. For example, taller panels may be more suitable for collaborative work. In addition to this, the panels can be fitted with grommets for wires and eyelets for pinning reminders.

Adding a planter to the top of the cubicle can give it a more natural look. These planters are available in various sizes and can hold a wide range of plants. Ideally, these can be low maintenance or require no water at all, as this will save on cleaning and upkeep costs. In a covid-19 world, having a greener workspace is a great idea for any business.


Modern cubicles are a highly customizable work space that can be designed to meet many different workflow needs. For example, office cubicles with higher partition walls are often ideal for people who need privacy while working on sensitive data or completing client calls. While they provide increased privacy, these office cubicles also help to mitigate noise pollution and other distractions. Additionally, these workstations can feature adjustable height desks to enable employees to sit or stand throughout the day. This allows them to experience a healthier work environment and improve their productivity.

Another way to customize these workspaces is to add a variety of accessories. Some of the most popular include storage cabinets, overhead bins, and shelves. These can be used to store important documents, special materials, and personal items. They can also be equipped with ergonomic features, such as monitor arms, CPU holders, and keyboard trays. This helps to ensure that the user’s back is properly supported while sitting at their desk and reducing strain on their body.

Aside from the functionality of these workstations, they are also great for promoting teamwork and collaboration. The open design of these office cubicles can create a sense of community and promote communication between employees. This can be especially useful for teams that need to share information frequently, such as IT departments.

In addition to providing a comfortable, flexible work environment, office cubicles are cost-effective and easy to reconfigure. This makes them a popular choice for many businesses. Despite the stereotype of office cubicles as bland, sterile spaces, these workstations are versatile and offer a wide range of customization options that can enhance the productivity of your workplace.

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