Discover the Top 10 Office Furniture Suppliers in Singapore

Singapore has become a bustling hub for businesses of all shapes and sizes, a landscape dotted with towering skyscrapers and offices. To meet the demand for high-quality office amenities in this vibrant city-state, the office furniture industry has taken center stage. With the evolution of workplace culture and the increasing emphasis on employee wellness and productivity, the importance of well-designed and comfortable office furniture has been universally acknowledged. Next, let’s discuss together the top 10 office furniture suppliers in Singapore.


IKEA, a globally recognized brand, has been revolutionizing the office furniture industry in Singapore with its unique blend of style, functionality, and affordability. Their wide range of office furniture, from modern designed desks to practical storage solutions, caters to a diverse clientele. Whether your office promotes a traditional or contemporary aesthetic, IKEA offers a myriad of options to choose from. Their ergonomic chairs are known for providing excellent back support and comfort, while their innovative storage solutions like filing cabinets and shelves help to organize the workspace efficiently, promoting a clutter-free and productive environment.

2. Meet&co Office Furniture

meetco office furniture

Meet&Co Office Furniture is a leading manufacturer and supplier of modern office furniture based in Guangzhou, China. With over a decade’s worth of experience, their mission is to “Make Office Life Innovated”. They offer a unique blend of style, comfort, and functionality that is tailored to the contemporary, dynamic workspace. Their range includes executive desks, workstations, chairs, sofas, and more, all designed with a meticulous eye for detail and the user’s comfort in mind. Their stylish designs have a distinct aesthetic appeal, reflecting the company’s commitment to creating healthy, happy workspaces. With locations in Singapore, they are well-positioned to cater to the growing office furniture demands in the city-state. Their commitment to customers, integrity, teamwork, and innovation sets them apart in the competitive office furniture industry.

3. Vcus Furniture

Vcus Furniture is a renowned name in the office furniture industry, popular for their eclectic range of office furniture sourced from various parts of the world, including China. The company stands out for its offerings of ergonomic chairs and office storage units, which are designed keeping in mind the comfort and convenience of users.

The ergonomic chairs at Vcus are designed with a focus on health and productivity, helping to reduce the strain on the back and neck that often comes with long hours of sitting. The chairs are adjustable, allowing individuals to set the height and angle to suit their personal comfort. Vcus’s office storage units are not only practical but also stylish. They offer a variety of designs, from sleek, modern units to more traditional wooden cabinets, to suit every office decor style.

4. Baycus Office Furniture

Baycus Office Furniture has established itself as a reputable supplier of Chinese office furniture, offering a wide variety of products to meet the needs of various office setups. One of the highlights of their offering are their executive desks, which are known for their elegant designs and superior quality. These desks create an atmosphere of professionalism and sophistication, making them an excellent choice for directors, executives, and managers.

Baycus also offers a selection of metal cabinets and office workstations that are designed for functionality and durability. Their metal cabinets are robust and provide ample storage space, while their office workstations are designed to be space-efficient and to promote productivity and collaboration.

5. Khomi Furniture

Khomi Furniture offers a diverse range of office furniture styles and designs, many of which are sourced from China, a country known for its craftsmanship and high-quality production. The company offers a comprehensive catalog of furniture options, ranging from desks, chairs, and sofas to partitions and storage solutions.

Khomi’s desks are designed to be both functional and stylish, with a variety of styles to suit every taste. Their chairs, on the other hand, strike the perfect balance between comfort and style, with ergonomic designs that help to enhance productivity. Furthermore, Khomi’s storage solutions are versatile, offering a mix of open shelving, lockable cabinets, and mobile storage units to cater to various storage needs.

6. Martlewood

Martlewood is a standout in the world of office furniture, offering a diverse collection that’s sourced from around the globe, including China. Their merchandise selection ranges from sleek, modern desks that can serve as the centerpiece of an office, to functional chairs that blend comfort and style, and storage units designed to optimize space. The brand takes pride in their meticulously crafted pieces that not only look good but are also built to last. Martlewood gives offices a distinct look, with furniture pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and conducive to a productive work environment.

7. Grey and Sanders

Quality and design are the hallmarks of Grey and Sanders when it comes to office furniture. Their collection of Chinese-sourced pieces offers a blend of functionality, comfort, and elegance. Whether it’s ergonomically-designed chairs that reduce strain during long hours of work or beautifully-crafted desks that exude professionalism, Grey and Sanders doesn’t compromise. The company’s commitment to sourcing top-notch materials from China and around the world ensures that their furniture pieces not only make a statement but also stand the test of time.


BEST BUSINESS FURNITURE sets itself apart with its commitment to sustainability. This shop offers an array of office furniture options, many of which are recycled or upcycled, demonstrating that caring for the environment doesn’t mean compromising on style or quality. Their selection of ergonomic chairs, designed to support posture and reduce back pain, showcases their dedication to the welfare of the office workers. BEST BUSINESS FURNITURE underlines the importance of responsible purchasing decisions, providing consumers with eco-friendly options without sacrificing comfort and design.


With a rich heritage in crafting premier office furnishings, OFC FURNITURE PTE LTD prides itself in offering a diverse range of office furniture that caters to the unique needs and preferences of its clientele. The company specializes in creating bespoke office system furniture, meticulously designed to maximize workspace functionality while promoting a stylish and modern aesthetic.

Their product line features several innovative furniture designs, including ergonomically crafted chairs for optimum comfort, sleek executive desks for a powerful office statement, and versatile storage units to keep your workspace organized. Furthermore, their expertise lies in their office design services, where their dedicated team of designers work collaboratively with clients to transform their visions into a reality, thereby creating an office environment that is not only functional but also inspirational.


As a renowned provider of office furniture, U-PLAN OFFICE FURNITURE is dedicated to offering an extensive range of office furniture solutions designed to suit various workspaces. With an emphasis on diversity and functionality, their array of products includes fully customizable workstations, practical storage solutions, and innovative office partitions.

The company takes pride in its office design and space planning services, offering expert advice and comprehensive solutions that maximize office layout efficiency. Stimulating creativity and promoting productivity, their furniture solutions are designed to blend seamlessly into any office environment, providing the perfect balance between style and practicality.


The importance of choosing quality office furniture cannot be overstated. A well-designed, comfortable workspace is key to keeping your team motivated, productive, and happy. So, whether you’re setting up a new office or revamping an existing one, these top 10 office furniture suppliers in Singapore are worth exploring for their exceptional offerings.

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