The Benefits of a Standing Desk With Drawers

A sturdy standing desk with drawers helps reduce health risks associated with sitting too long. It also prevents the development of bad posture and improves productivity.

There are several reasons why you don’t see drawers on most standing desks. These include space constraints underneath the desk, the additional weight that would strain the lifting columns and the high cost of fabrication.


Standing Desk With Drawers
Standing Desk With Drawers

Some electric standing desks have drawers to help you organize your workstation and keep important documents safe. They can also be useful to prevent you from losing items or having them ruined by accidental spills. Most come with spaces to help you manage your wires, and some even have USB ports so you can charge your devices.

Having storage is an important feature for a standing desk, and the more space you have, the more organized your work environment will be. This is especially true if you have a lot of paperwork to store. A large number of desktops have a drawer that can accommodate your documents and other accessories, and many of them are lockable. They are also available with a small tray that can hold your keyboard or pens, and they are ideal for keeping your workstation tidy and organized.

It is not common for a stand-up desk to have drawers because the additional weight adds to the overall heaviness of the unit, which can put a strain on the lifting columns. However, as the popularity of this type of desk has increased, more manufacturers are adding this feature to their designs. However, it is important to check the interior dimensions of a desk’s drawer before purchasing. Many manufacturers list rough dimensions on the top of their product page and then list smaller interior dimensions elsewhere in the “specs” section. This can lead to a disappointing surprise when you purchase your new desk and find that it is too small for storing all of your office supplies.

Some models have a shallow drawer built into the center of the desktop, but these tend to be limited in space. Others use a small shelf that can be used for files, stationery, and other items, and are available on several of the best standing desks reviewed here, including SHW Claire 40-inch Height Adjustable Standing Desk, Theodore, Jarvis Evolve, Comhar, and Northread.

Another option is to mount a hanging storage solution on the underside of a standing desk. These can be purchased in various sizes to fit any size of adjustable desk, and they are easy to install. They are not as secure as the drawers, but they can be a good choice for people who have limited workspace or for those who prefer to keep their desks clear of clutter.


If you are looking for a stand up desk with drawers, you will have many options to choose from. These desks can vary in the amount of storage space they have as well as the location of that storage. Some models may have a single built-in drawer underneath the desktop while others will have a full cabinet in the middle of the frame or even on one side of the desk. This allows you to store more materials without taking up valuable desk space. Another option is to use a monitor riser, which can create more storage underneath your monitor(s). These are great for things like headphones, bags, or any items that you want to keep near your desk but don’t need to access regularly.

When it comes to storage options for standing desks, you will need to think about how much storage you actually need and what height the desk can go up and down at. You will also need to consider any wires that you might have attached to your workstation and whether they are long enough to reach up or down with the desk. Finally, you will need to have sufficient space to move your feet around when working from the standing position.

The most common way to add storage to a standing desk is by building it into the base of the desk. This works well on traditional desks, but it can cause issues with clearance when the desk is at its lowest setting or when a person is using exercise equipment at the desk.

A second option for adding storage to a standing desk is by attaching it to the desktop. This is a better idea because it avoids issues with the clearance of the desk when it’s at its lowest or highest settings. However, it does not offer as much space for storage as you might want.

A third option is to use an add-on storage solution. There are a few different kinds of these on the market, and you will need to decide which one is right for you. Some of them have compartments that you can use for filing, while others are simply shelves on wheels that can be moved to the desired location on the desktop. These are great for storing small items, files, and papers.

Height Adjustability

Choosing the right height for your standing desk with drawers is crucial to ensure that you don’t strain your back or neck while working. It also helps prevent numbness in the legs and arms, which can occur after prolonged periods of sitting. With a high quality adjustable height standing desk, you can change positions to improve comfort and increase productivity. Some of the best adjustable height standing desks have multiple preset options for a quick transition between sitting and standing.

The top of the table can be set at different heights, which is ideal for those who are shorter or taller. It can also be adjusted vertically, so you can fit your monitor and keyboard on it easily. This ergonomic adjustable desk has two non-woven drawers that can be used to store office supplies and documents. It has a child lock button to prevent accidental adjustments and offers a cable tray and power sockets for efficient wire management.

This sit-to-stand desk from FEZIBO is easy to use and features a spacious work area. It is made of durable melamine and has a lockable caster base that swivels 360 degrees for easy movement. It also has a long drawer that can be used to hold files and documents. It can be raised up to a height of 46 inches, making it suitable for users of all heights.

For those who are interested in a more premium design, the Uplift Desk is an excellent option. Its design is more streamlined than other electric standing desks, which allows it to have a clean and modern look. The Uplift Desk is also available in a wide range of sizes and colors to suit any office décor. It also has a premium warranty that includes a 3-year warranty on the frame and surface.

When shopping for an adjustable height standing desk with drawers, it is important to check the warranty coverage carefully. Some companies will advertise a lifetime warranty on the structure of the desk, while others may limit their coverage to just the electronics. It is also a good idea to read the fine print of the warranty to ensure that you are getting the protection that you need.


Drawers are not very common on standing desks because of the amount of weight they add to the desk. This heaviness places an additional strain on the lifting columns that allow you to raise and lower your computer screen or desktop. This can potentially damage the furniture or cause it to break down completely. However, as more people are switching to a standing workstation, manufacturers have been including storage capabilities in their designs.

A stand-up desk with drawers allows you to keep all of your files and accessories neatly organized while keeping the desk surface free from clutter. It also provides more workspace to spread out your projects and work comfortably. This feature is a great addition to any office setting.

Most of the major desk companies now offer some type of storage options with their standing models. One popular method is to use a mobile file pedestal that fits underneath or beside the desk. These are usually made from wood laminates that match the color of the desk and come in two-drawer and three-drawer versions to meet different needs.

Another option for adding storage to a stand-up desk is to use a shelf that sits directly on the desktop. This can be a good solution for those who only need to store small items such as pencils, paper clips and other lightweight accessories. The top of the shelf can be used for larger accessories such as notepads and full-size sheets of paper.

If you’re looking for a more spacious shelf, try this model from FEZIBO. Its design is sleek and modern. The top shelf has plenty of space for stationery and other large accessories, while the drawer can be used to hold files and folders. The unit can be adjusted to your preferred height using a simple button, and it comes with a lock to prevent accidental changes.

This standing desk with drawers is made from sustainable melamine. This material is durable and long-lasting, and it’s also recyclable when the desk reaches the end of its lifespan. It is also easy to clean, and it can be wiped down with a cloth or a damp rag. The front of the drawer has four smaller compartments that can fit small items such as pencils and paper clips, while the back of the drawer can be used for full-sized sheets of paper or notes.

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